Engage your audience

This is why people come to see you – to be entertained. To entertain means, obviously, to be entertaining.

Nothing is more engaging than eye contact – it’s a fundamental thing about people. It establishes sincerity, interest and trust. So next time you perform, pick someone in the audience and sing your song to them. Some examples:

  • Ask them, personally and sincerely, “Shall we Dance”? Make it feel like an actual invitation.
  • Look them in the eye and try to make them believe that no matter how badly you slipped up, “You Were Always on My Mind”.
  • In “Yesterday” you open your heart and your hurt and your longing – make them believe that you chose just them to share that with.
  • If it’s a happy song, put that smile on your face and that twinkle in your eye as you romp through “Mairi’s Wedding”.
  • Pick someone else for the next verse or the next song.

People are also attracted to movement. In the context of a choir, this takes some coordination. Individuals bopping about can be more distracting than enjoyable, so this is where it’s essential to follow your director’s instructions. All sway together, all clap together, all march together – whatever the song calls for.

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