Health, Diet and Exercise

Don’t worry, we’re not out to convert you into vegan marathon runners and gym junkies! How you maintain your health is entirely up to you. We will point out a few things, though.

You can’t sing well when you’re tired or sick. Your concentration and your energy level suffer. Not only that, coming to rehearsal with a bug puts your choir mates at risk. Stay home, take care of yourself and get well. While you’re recuperating, you can memorise a few songs too, right?

Keep up an appropriate level of exercise and fitness. Talk to your doctor if you have any questions about a suitable regime. We’ll just point out that the better you feel, the better you’ll sing.

You can’t sing well on a full stomach, nor on an empty one. Make sure you have something light to eat before a performance or a rehearsal.

Stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle to rehearsal and performances. Room temperature water is best; cold water may feel more refreshing but it will constrict your vocal cords and impair your tone.

Get adequate rest. Just how much you need varies from person to person; just make sure you’re awake and alert and able to focus on your singing.

Stay aware of your body. Stand when you can, sit when you must. Powering through because “the show must go on” is an admirable goal, but if you collapse in the middle of it, the show stops anyway.

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