We’re living in strange times. We’re told to self-isolate, stay two metres away from people, wash our hands, practise social distancing and so many other unfamiliar things.

The internet is full of advice, warnings, threats and suggestions. Here’s a selection of tips for us singers to keep in mind.


Maintain your routine
Stick to your daily routine as much as you can. Just because you can’t do some social things doesn’t mean you can lie around in your PJs all day. Get up, have breakfast at the usual time. Eat regular meals at your regular time. Watch your favourite shows. If you usually go to fitness classes, exercise at home at the same time.
Stay in touch

You can’t meet people in person, so learn to meet them online. Learn to use social media so you can keep in touch with friends. Learn to use FaceTime (on Apple devices), Skype (on other devices), Zoom (for group chats). These systems all let you see your friends as you chat with them on your smartphone.

Make it fun! Have a virtual tea party! Pick a time, get spruced up a bit, have your tea and cookies ready and share your cuppas over a video chat.

If technology is not your thing, phone your friends. Phone to say hi. Phone to ask if they’re ok. Let them know they can call you to talk. Call to let them know if you’re NOT ok.


If you’re reading this, you’re probably in the Silver Chord Choir and you’re missing our Monday practices. So – break out your music and sing!

If you need the accompaniment playing and don’t have it handy, speak the words out loud in rhythm.

Spend time memorising the words and learning your parts – what you sing and what you don’t.

Sing in the shower, sing in the kitchen, sing along to YouTube videos. Sing anywhere!

Practise all the tips in our Tips for Singers page!

Stay busy

Create a project. Learn something new. Learn a new verse to a song every day. Practise your choir repertoire. Plant a herb garden in your kitchen. Learn to make a new dish every week. If you like it, make enough to freeze.

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